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Fabric Makes Me Happy






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Post Chrismas Days...

f0194450_5473497.jpgHope everyone had a wonderful holiday as I did. For many folks, holiday stress ends as the holiday is over, but, mine started right after Christmas and still continues... You have no idea how stressed I was yesterday. I don't want to talk about why, but if I sounded so when you were here yesterday, I apologize. I tried so hard to keep calm all day until...until the end of the day. Anyways, it will be over tomorrow so until then breathe me breathe...

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Happy Holidays

f0194450_551315.jpgOn a beautiful Christmas morning...Happy Holidays everyone!

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Cooking Christmas Eve

Busy busy busy...I got major cooking tonight for tomorrow. I am in charge of a few appetizers, but I am challenging myself to do more. Just finished bechamel sauce and rolled meatballs. Just taking a break with flan that my boy made. I still need to chop some veggies, clean shrimps, make sauce for the meatballs, roll some meat into skewers, and whatelse? Okay, got go back to work.

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