Sew & Tell - Shinobu's Beddings

f0194450_8271241.jpgShinobu and her family found a better place to live in SF, and the life is sweeter even though their new house is just next door...she got her little girl and herself new beddings by making ones. What could be more fun than decorating your little girl's room? Her 5 year old has a sweeter dream when she sleeps in the pink birdie duvet and matching pillow case. She also has a pair of lounge pillows to lean on when her mom reads her a bed time story. The house is still under progress, but a happy family comes from a happy home, right?
The couple's new bedding...she chose Amy Butler's coriander teal for the duvet and pillows, and wall flower green for the accent pillow. Soothing and relaxing! Excellent job and thank you, Shinobu!

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-04-23 08:43 | Sew & Tell  

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