Thank You

f0194450_4194878.jpgThank you all for coming to make our summer sale successful. These peas and peapod you see here in the photo were picked from my friend's back yard. She served me with those cute greens the other day, and they were sweet! I wish I had a back yard where I could grow my own vegetables.

**although i love reading your comments, they are currently closed because those pesky guys from japan or someplace else try to invade my site by leaving nasty comments and links to lure you to their nasty sites. Clearly they don't have anything better to do. i might open comments soon, but if you ever see anything funny or you don't read japanese, i suggest not to click on any links here.

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-07-19 04:50 | Shop/Fabrics  

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