The Sun and Ants

Finally I woke up with the bright sun light peeking through my curtain this morning. It maybe a sunny summer for you guys, but here in the Inner Sunset, a summer means fog, gray, and a chill. One evening after a week of gray days, I couldn't take it anymore. I jumped in the car and drove to North after work to feel like I was on vacation again. There was nothing but a bunch of cows on the way, but the warm summer breeze was felt so nice on my skin. Today is just like that.f0194450_8553129.jpg
f0194450_8571029.jpgOn the way back to the comes fog...

f0194450_924164.jpgOh I just wanted to let you know the cute little ants are back in stock...

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-08-28 09:26 | Shop/Fabrics  

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