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Sew & Tell - Betty's Baby Quilt

f0194450_804896.jpgI have seen a lot of quilts from my dearest customres, and each one of them is so special and teaches me something new. Today's quilt was made by Betty. You could tell by these kiddie prints that she made this for someone little and special. And she went more whimsical as she put rick rack along the frame. I think rick rack is so fun to use in any project. She also used the color thread to quilt which is common for many quilters, but very new to me as I always use an ivory thread. And she explained the new technique which was supposed be easy to piece the squares, but hard on my slow brain to comprehend as I was just catching the cold. And yo-yos! It looks like she had a heck of fun making this. Thank you, Betty!

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-11-14 08:41 | Sew & Tell  

Sew & Tell - Bonnie's Birthday Cake Runner

f0194450_10205472.jpgBonnie and Sue have been good friends for many many years. They are mothers, wives, (maybe grandmothers?) and quilters sharing a good time in quilting together. Sue recently celebrated her birthday, and this is what Bonnie made for her. It's a quilted runner with a birthday cake on it. The cake is surrounded by lots of boxes of presents with bows on top. What could be more appropriate for a birthday? The cake is obviously not edible, but it sure is a sweet present. Thank you, Bonnie!
f0194450_6425986.jpgI always love a special lable. It makes a special quilt more special.

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-11-13 10:21 | Sew & Tell  

Sew & Tell - Dana & Mike's Craft Off

f0194450_13194873.jpgOkay, you and I have seen grandmas, moms, and even a kid who sews, but not a dad. A dad who sews for his little girl. Well, today you are looking at Mike's play suit modeled by his lovely girl, Emmeline. Adorable! This young family, along with mom Dana, regularly visits Peapod usually on a laid-back Sunday. I could sense Mike was crafty, but never knew that he sews clothes for his girl. This is serious sewing. It's an Oliver + S pattern! It usually calls for attention to detail. Button holes and piping, and such, as you can see here. And a funny thing about this crafty family is that mom and dad held a craft off. What is it? Yes, it's Dana and Mike's craft off! Ding! How cute are they? :-) So here comes Dana's yellow dress, also from Oliver + S. This new pattern looks even more challenging with collars and facing. And this photo! I love love love love it! A great photo! Her smile, the light, and the yellow dress...she is little Miss Sunshine! So who would you vote for? To be fair, you have to go see all the great photos taken by Mike. Thank you, Dana, Mike, and Emmeline! I think you guys should have a craft off more often :-)

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-11-10 18:38 | Sew & Tell  

Project Runway the Ivy Style

f0194450_8151671.jpgSo here you are looking at a sun dress style top over a t-shirt and an a-line skirt. The designer/seamstress mixn' matched the blue and white prints and added an accent color with the pink gingham. The top has a white band with a gathered bodice. A matching pochette is adding a nice relaxing touch. And of course all the fabrics are from Peapod :-)
f0194450_8165843.jpgThe whole bohemian look completes with the turquoise leggings, purple stripe socks, and the plaid mary-jane shoes. So who's the designer? It's Ivy, and she is still only eight. She takes sewing lessons here. I'm a big fan of the layered look, and she is the winner! Thank you, Ivy!

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-11-05 09:29 | Sew & Tell  

Sew & Tell - Donna's Linen Pouch

f0194450_5464990.jpgI love it when people tell me how much they love Peapod. Yeah love me more :-) It looks like Peapod is turning Donna into a fabric junkie as she claims. She made a lovely pouch using my linen blend fabric. I love this crispy clean look. And she is doing what I want to try someday, screenprinting. Her birdie matches with the orangy yellow lining she picked up from my little square basket at the shop. Thanks Donna! Oh, the linen you are waiting for will be in stock sometime next week. See you soon.

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-10-30 06:07 | Sew & Tell  

Sew & Tell - Jessica's Posie Bag

f0194450_13395593.jpg"Did you just open?" I get this reaction a lot even from folks who know this area well. I know I am off Irving, but am I that invisible? Anyway, an Inner Sunset resident, Jessica was one of them, and Peapod was a happy find for her. She came back with this cute floral bag for which she used one of my favorite prints called Posie. She totally looks crafty, doesn't she? The kind of person who is constantly making things, but the thing is that she doesn't own a sewing machine yet. She drove more than 3 hours to get to her parents' house to make this bag using her mom's machine. Yes, she loves sewing AND her mom and dad of course :-) Right Jessica? Well, she HAS TO because she is getting a new sewing machine for Christmas from them :-)
Keep sewing and thank you, Jessica!

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-10-20 15:39 | Sew & Tell  

Sew & Tell - Carla's Dresses & Purses

Carla sent me these photos of her projects. Two pairs of dresses and purses. These are one of my favorite styles of dresses for little girls. Simple to make, yet very versatile. I don't know what pattern she used for it, but it is a very common style. Here is one that I found for you ladies who always wanted to try, but never pushed yourself to do it :-) Just try it. This style is perfect for beginners, and as you improve your skills, you could tweak a pattern a bit like Carla did. She used two different prints and added the trims on the bottom of the dress and the sleeves, and they make a big difference. Rather simple looking dresses become more elaborated detailed ones. Two very happy two years olds are already enjoying these cute gifts from Aunty Carla. I'm sure their moms are as happy as the girls. Thank you, Carla!

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-10-20 06:36 | Sew & Tell  

Sew & Tell - Christine's Dress

f0194450_7503225.jpg Christine was all new to sewing until she took one of my classes a few years ago. Since then, she made bags, quilts, and now a dress for herself. I can't believe she came this far :-) Well, this dress is on the easy side, but I'm very impressed with her continuous challenging spirit. Don't get me wrong, she did a good job with all the curvy lines. Sorry, no photo of her in the dress because on the day she stopped by, the shop was closed, but you could tell how cute she will be in it. Summer is gone, but the dress will still be full in use with a cardigan. The dress is from this book. Thanks always, Christine!

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-10-09 08:21 | Sew & Tell  

Sew & Tell - Ivy's Dress

f0194450_639246.jpgOkay, if today's post doesn't encourage you to start sewing, I swear nothing will. Here you are looking at Ivy's dress. No, she is not wearing her mom's handmade dress. She made it herself. I knew that she takes sewing classes somewhere and loves sewing, but never thought she was this good. I was really blown away. Look at these details! The curvy neck line, the tie on the back, and the two parts sleeves...really, it is beautifully done. Oh, did I mention that she is eight? She looked so cute showing up in this fancy dress with her backpack and sneakers after school. Now you want to sew, right? I do. Sewing clothes for myself is one of the things on my to-do list again for this fall. So what's your excuse for not sewing? Thank you Thank you Thank you for inspiring us, Ivy!

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-10-03 07:24 | Sew & Tell  

Sew & Tell - Yufu's Lunch Bag

f0194450_7105575.jpgI told you that almost all preschoolers in Japan bring handmade items to school and that Japanese mothers are busy making these things before the new school year starts. Lots of bags and pouches for pretty much everything. Shoes, a lunch box, a mug, a toothbrush, pajamas, and extra clothes. Though living in San Francisco, Yufu was one of them. She made a lunch bag with her favorite apple print for her little girl who started Japanese preschool here in the city, but the boxy school bag was too intimidating to make, so she asked her mom to handle it. It could have been simplified, but her mom patchworked the pieces to make it more special. And the piping! You know it is all for her loving granddaughter. And look at the cute little lunch box and the sippy cup! I want them to go to work with :-)
Thanks Yufu!

by peapodfabricssf | 2009-09-30 08:28 | Sew & Tell