A Jolly Corner

f0194450_3343860.jpgWe stopped buying a real tree a few years ago and bought a tiny table top white feather tree instead. It is small, but it fits our small living style. And I adore small living :-) It doesn't hold all of my ornaments because of the size, so I usually make another place for them to hang out. Most of them are thrifted, and none of them are looking perfect, but I love the vintagy look. They look like they come to life when we are not looking like toys in Toy Story. Loved that movie.

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Festive Colors

f0194450_624422.jpgIt wouldn't be festive without reds...

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Let it Begin...

f0194450_7462337.jpgIt's that time of the year again. The 2009 Christmas decorating had begun over the weekend. Say hi to our Mr. Snowman.

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Lazy Yellow Breakfast Table

f0194450_956210.jpgHope you all had a great Thanksgiving as we did. We had a lot to eat, drink, and lots of laughs. Besides the turkey, we had lots of seafood. Lobsters, scampi, clams, and octpus...mmm I was so thankful for this Southern Italian table:-) Then next day...just lazy lazy lazy. It was the first time I had two consecutive days off since summer.
It was nice...

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Thanksgiving Fun

f0194450_1351641.jpgSome of you might be sewing a last minute project for tomorrow's big dinner as my last customer of the day might be doing. She bought my beautiful sand color linen to make a table cloth and brown rose print cotton for nine napkins. I am sure she is working on the project right at this moment. I could tell it would be a gorgeous table cloth as I unrolled the linen on the cutting table. And with the brown rose napkins and hearty dishes on, no doubt it would be so beautiful, just right for the festive table. And it reminded me of my own table I decorated with the same linen. We usually go to the in-law's place for the holidays, but there was one time I hosted a Thanksgiving dinner at my apartment. I enjoyed cooking, but the true fun part to me was decorating the table. I used to take a walk in the park more often and came home with tons of nature things picked up on the walking paths. And those branches, leaves, and seeds always found their places in my apartment, and they sure were a big part of my Thanksgiving dinner table that year. Here is the link that takes you to that dinner back in 2004 (oh my, that was five years ago? Sorry that the pictures are so tiny. The original pictures were lost as I took no back up of my dead old computer). Anyways, enjoy what you have and have a happy Thanksgiving dinner tomorow. FYI- today's photo is what we had for dinner on this Thanksgiving Eve, a taco from the neighborhood bar/taco shop.

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