Happy Wednesday

f0194450_8402961.jpgJust getting cozy on my day off after my Monday chores...by the way I'm working at the shop at this moment.

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Sew & Tell - Betty's Baby Quilt

f0194450_804896.jpgI have seen a lot of quilts from my dearest customres, and each one of them is so special and teaches me something new. Today's quilt was made by Betty. You could tell by these kiddie prints that she made this for someone little and special. And she went more whimsical as she put rick rack along the frame. I think rick rack is so fun to use in any project. She also used the color thread to quilt which is common for many quilters, but very new to me as I always use an ivory thread. And she explained the new technique which was supposed be easy to piece the squares, but hard on my slow brain to comprehend as I was just catching the cold. And yo-yos! It looks like she had a heck of fun making this. Thank you, Betty!

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Sew & Tell - Bonnie's Birthday Cake Runner

f0194450_10205472.jpgBonnie and Sue have been good friends for many many years. They are mothers, wives, (maybe grandmothers?) and quilters sharing a good time in quilting together. Sue recently celebrated her birthday, and this is what Bonnie made for her. It's a quilted runner with a birthday cake on it. The cake is surrounded by lots of boxes of presents with bows on top. What could be more appropriate for a birthday? The cake is obviously not edible, but it sure is a sweet present. Thank you, Bonnie!
f0194450_6425986.jpgI always love a special lable. It makes a special quilt more special.

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A Retro Tunic

f0194450_6345217.jpgI finished the tunic, but I didn't challenge the invisible zipper...shame on me. Instead, I used two buttons to close the back. Truly, I was going to try the zipper, but but... I totally blame Kathy for cheating. She was making the same tunic and told me about the button closure idea. "Oh yeah, that makes it so much easier" we chatted about how to "cheat" on the zipper when she came to pick up some fabric. And she is a middle school teacher :-) But, thanks to her, I really like the way it turned out. To confess, this was my first time using Ms. Butler's pattern, and it is true that the instruction is very well written and easy to follow. I will make it again, but probably skip the pockets next time. So you want to try?
f0194450_6355923.jpgHere is what I did for the back closure. Loops and buttons...

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Sew & Tell - Dana & Mike's Craft Off

f0194450_13194873.jpgOkay, you and I have seen grandmas, moms, and even a kid who sews, but not a dad. A dad who sews for his little girl. Well, today you are looking at Mike's play suit modeled by his lovely girl, Emmeline. Adorable! This young family, along with mom Dana, regularly visits Peapod usually on a laid-back Sunday. I could sense Mike was crafty, but never knew that he sews clothes for his girl. This is serious sewing. It's an Oliver + S pattern! It usually calls for attention to detail. Button holes and piping, and such, as you can see here. And a funny thing about this crafty family is that mom and dad held a craft off. What is it? Yes, it's Dana and Mike's craft off! Ding! How cute are they? :-) So here comes Dana's yellow dress, also from Oliver + S. This new pattern looks even more challenging with collars and facing. And this photo! I love love love love it! A great photo! Her smile, the light, and the yellow dress...she is little Miss Sunshine! So who would you vote for? To be fair, you have to go see all the great photos taken by Mike. Thank you, Dana, Mike, and Emmeline! I think you guys should have a craft off more often :-)

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