Happy Friday

f0194450_98519.jpgAlmost done...
And I'm going to cheat. You will know what I mean when you see the result or you could guess now from this happy face :-)

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Frenchy Things

f0194450_7314561.jpgBefore my vintagy floral tunic, I was preoccupied with something else. French knots that was. My plain tunic was ready for an embellishment for a while, and I finally picked up a needle. A French knot is a super easy embroidery stitch. You just make a knot by looping a thread a couple times around the needle. Here is how to do it if you ask. I just made them a lot to shape dandelions. This helped me meditate while watching the balloon boy story on CNN :-) I used my brown linen cotton blend for the tunic and linen embroidery floss for the dandelions. And this is my second tunic using the same pattern. And speaking of French, a Peapod regular Sophie is blogging about me, but in French...so who reads French? And I just visited her blog and saw her Frenchy images of my fabrics. Red gingham and dot...to me it's not country. It's a French thing! Merci Sophie!

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Project Runway the Ivy Style

f0194450_8151671.jpgSo here you are looking at a sun dress style top over a t-shirt and an a-line skirt. The designer/seamstress mixn' matched the blue and white prints and added an accent color with the pink gingham. The top has a white band with a gathered bodice. A matching pochette is adding a nice relaxing touch. And of course all the fabrics are from Peapod :-)
f0194450_8165843.jpgThe whole bohemian look completes with the turquoise leggings, purple stripe socks, and the plaid mary-jane shoes. So who's the designer? It's Ivy, and she is still only eight. She takes sewing lessons here. I'm a big fan of the layered look, and she is the winner! Thank you, Ivy!

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Happy Halloween


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Sew & Tell - Donna's Linen Pouch

f0194450_5464990.jpgI love it when people tell me how much they love Peapod. Yeah love me more :-) It looks like Peapod is turning Donna into a fabric junkie as she claims. She made a lovely pouch using my linen blend fabric. I love this crispy clean look. And she is doing what I want to try someday, screenprinting. Her birdie matches with the orangy yellow lining she picked up from my little square basket at the shop. Thanks Donna! Oh, the linen you are waiting for will be in stock sometime next week. See you soon.

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